Create Your Own Anime Character


What comes to your mind when you hear about anime? Fearless ninja crushing enemies with their katanas? Catchy-dressed girls who deftly jump and tumble in their short skirts and high heel boots? Perhaps you are a fan of Naruto, Sailor Moon and other famous animated series that have become examples of the genre? Then you will definitely like this wonderful game!


Here you are given complete freedom of action in creating your own anime character. It won’t be just a hero from a famous anime, but your personal creation drawn in this peculiar style. For productive work you are offered a huge set of tools and options. You can customize every detail of the future image. Start by choosing the gender of your character. Then the color of the skin and hair. You will have to linger here, because there are many hairstyles available in the game, both female and male. Now it’s time to experiment with facial features and eye shape.

When a unique appearance is ready, your hero also needs an equally unique outfit! And again, there will be no shortage of clothing options. Combine any wardrobe items and accessories, change their color and try again. Let your anime character take on a truly memorable look, unlike anyone else!