Create Your Own MLP Character


Who is your favorite character from My Little Pony? AppleJack with her cowboy-like manners or Pinkie Pie with her childish disposition? Maybe the style icon Rarity or the perky Rainbow Dash racing among the clouds? Perhaps you’re in love with the nature-loving and artistic Fluttershy? Or do you want to be like the persistent and knowledge-thirsty Twilight Sparkle? All of these heroines are great in their own way. And the reason for that is because they are so different. And how about creating your very own character that could have lived in Ponyville? This great game will give you such a chance!


Here you can design your own pony from scratch. She doesn’t have to look like anyone else – it will be your personal creation from start to finish. The game menu features plenty of options that you can apply to your heroine. Would you like her to have a pair of wings or a horn? Will her skin be white as snow, black as the night or maybe of a totally different color? How about her mane and eyes? Don’t be shy, experiment with different ideas and combinations. The way your horse is going to look is totally up to you! Try this amazing MLP character editor and let out your creativity to create a pony that will be no worse than your favorite heroines!