Create Your Own Puzzle


Why do we love puzzles? First of all, because they are interesting. After all, when you come across a particularly difficult riddle, and then manage to solve it after long minutes of raking your brains, you experience an incomparable feeling. Moreover, many of these games have a cute vibrant design, and some are even made in the form of adventures with the participation of charismatic heroes, and you don’t notice how time passes while wandering through all these tunnels and caves. Secondly, puzzles help us become smarter. This is not very noticeable during the gameplay, but every time you cope with another challenge, you acquire or improve various intellectual skills. Memory, attention, logic and resourcefulness – puzzles help our brain to stay in good shape.

And if playing through these games has such an effect on our thinking, imagine how many neurons are firing inside a human head when they are created! And now you can try your hand at game design by making your own puzzle! It’s much more difficult than just choosing a hairstyle for a character going out on a date, or even creating a map for a sandbox or strategy. After all, you need to carefully think over each level, all the obstacles and traps, and most importantly – include that very element of the puzzle. Because if the player has nothing to solve, they will quickly lose interest in what is happening on the screen.

As you can see, creating puzzles is in itself a good brain exercise that will allow you to develop your intellectual abilities no worse, if not even better, than solving them. You can set any rules and fully use your imagination to create something exciting and completely unique. And when the game is ready, you need to test it in practice! Try to go through your own creation yourself and share it with your friends. See how they cope with the tasks you came up with. And if the first time everything doesn’t work out as well as you would like – don’t be discouraged, because you can always try again and create an unlimited number of puzzles with this incredible editor!