Create Your Own Undertale Character


Not all fairy tales are kind and sweet, and not all of them have a good ending. If you prefer dark events in a fairy-tale setting, you probably know a game like Undertale. Fans fell in love with it for the stylish graphics and gripping storyline. And, of course, not least for the main character, whose fascinating story unfolds on the screen. But there are other heroes in this game as well that deserve attention. In fact, why don’t you try and make your own one? It will be a fun experience that will allow you to get creative and relax while having fun!


Do you think that to create a character from scratch you need to have an artistic talent or some other special skills? Not in this game! Here it is enough to study the menu and see what tools are at your disposal. By combining and modifying ready-made elements, you can achieve a tremendous range of combinations that will be completely different from each other. This will determine the unique look of your hero. And of course, all the characters you can create with this editor will look like your favorite Undertale game. And even though you won’t be able to play them, you can save them on your computer and show your friends who will definitely appreciate your masterpiece!