Create Your Own Character – Character Creator


We all love a good story. But no story is worth our attention without vibrant characters. After all, the gripping events that compose a plot aren’t just unfolding on their own – they happen to our favorite heroes, are often triggered by their actions and decisions and change them as they go through various trials. Some cartoon and movie characters are so charismatic that thousands of people instantly fall in love with them. They become a kind of icons everyone immediately recognizes and even models for those who want to be just like them. You can come up with a good dozen of such examples, especially today when new games and films are released in a great quantity. How about you? Do you have a favorite character? Or perhaps you dream of creating one of your own? Then this game is just what you need!


With its help, you’ll be able to make your own hero from scratch using a simple editor with a whole slew of features that will allow you to modify every parameter of your character’s appearance. It can be a guy or a girl, a talking animal, a mythical creature or even a slightly altered version of some famous hero. The game doesn’t limit you in your creative endeavors – you can try any options you like and see how different elements available in the menu match each other before you come up with the final look. You can change your character an unlimited number of times and if you see that you’re going in the wrong direction, you can simply cancel the last few actions to get back to where you started.

Every aspect of the image you’re working on can be altered and customized until you realize – this is exactly what you had in mind! A few wrinkles on the forehead will instantly change the expression of your character’s face adding a certain tint to their personality. The shape of eyes, brows, nose and lips is also important. Will your hero light up the screen with a broad smile, suggest some sort of a mystery with a cynical smirk or stay grave and serious like making you wonder whether it’s just a tough guy or there is some kind of a painful experience in their past. Your hero can be buff and threatening-looking or slim and fragile. You can choose any set of clothes for them and complete the image with a bunch of properly selected accessories. The process of picking them out is itself very absorbing and fun. And it’s even more amazing to look at your finished creation feeling proud of yourself! So what, are you ready to start?