Create Your Own FNAF Character


Anyone who has ever stayed in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria at night knows that not everything that looks innocent at first glance is indeed so. Take these adorable toys, for example. During the day, they are just cute bears and dolls that dance and sing when you turn the key in their back. But as soon as darkness falls, they begin to move on their own. And this movement has a very specific goal – to find a new victim.

Yes, there are real killers hiding under the plush skin of these animatronics. And their puppet movements only intensify the horror of this contrast. If you’re tired of running around and hiding from Freddy and his friends, why not take a break and do something calmer for a change? For example, create your own animatronic!

Try making them super cute and incredibly scary at the same time! In the menu you will find all the necessary options and tools for this. Let’s see what your imagination is capable of! Combine different elements of your future character’s appearance, change what you don’t like, and experiment with successful elements. The same detail can look completely different depending on how you apply it. You just need some practice and patience. And of course inspiration! Good luck in your creative endeavors!