Create Your Own Gacha Life Mini Movie


What is Gacha Life? This is a whole virtual world where you can lead a fulfilling life, consisting of endless discoveries and entertainment! There is always something to do here – you can play mini-games, meet other people, make friends and even find sweethearts. You will have your own home where you can arrange everything the way you want. But the main thing is that you can create your own character that fully meets your personal tastes and preferences. In this game, you won’t just be given several options of heroes to choose from. Instead of selecting from the standard range of characters, you can assemble your avatar piece by piece – facial features, hairstyle, skin color, clothes…


And if this is not enough for you, then what do you think about staging your own mini movie? You can do it in this great game! In fact, you will be able to shoot a small film, consisting of various scenes with the participation of your characters. Just choose a location, set up the background and decorations. Arrange the heroes of your future creation in those poses that best reflect the situation you are planning to act out. Add lines that they will speak to each other. And action! The movie is ready! Now you can share it with your friends!