Create Your Own Emoji


Expressing your emotions in the chat is rather difficult. After all, you can’t see the face of the person you’re talking to and thus a lot of non-verbal information simply slips away from you. To fix this drawback of virtual communication, developers have come up with something that now makes up a hefty part of our online conversations – emojis. These yellow faces with various expressions help us fill the gap between dead letters that don’t really express anything and live emotions that can only be shown with our mimics. And suddenly the dialogue gains some vibe! Really, what would we do if not for emojis? Now it’s impossible to imagine any chat without them. And it’s a good thing because they allow us to make texting just as warm and cordial as real words that we would have sad to each other face to face.


However, sometimes you can find yourself surfing through dozens of emojis hopelessly trying to find the one that perfectly reflects what you feel. Yes, all people are different and those designing smileys can’t possible span the whole range of people’s emotions to give them shape and make them readily usable in the chat. However, you can change that by creating your own emoji! This is possible in this amazing game. It’s not complicated at all – just follow the instructions on the screen choosing between different options. You can come up with your personal unique smiley and share it with your friends! And it doesn’t stop there! Why don’t you start creating your own set of emojis right now?