Pony Creator


It’s no secret that children love stories about magical lands inhabited by fairytale heroes. And it’s no surprise that the cartoon My Little Pony has become so popular among kids. But what really surprises is that the older audience also watches it with great pleasure – not only teenagers, but also adults. What’s the matter? Probably, first of all, this is not just a fairy tale, but a set of instructive situations which clearly show that nobility, kindness and, most importantly, friendship will overcome any adversity. Each episode has a moral and a lesson that anyone can learn and apply in real life. And secondly, how can you not love these cute horses, each of which is so peculiar?


And the point is not only in the unique character of the heroines (after all, they all have special features and are completely different from each other), but also in their appearance. The designers did their best to reflect their inner world in the looks of every pony. And if you are also a fan of this cartoon, you’ve been probably dreaming of creating your own character who would take their rightful place among the four-legged inhabitants of Equestria. Well, now it is possible! Pony Creator will allow all lovers of the adorable six to join the ranks of talking horses with their own unique hero! To do this, you just need a little imagination and perseverance, because there are many options in the editor, and you just won’t be able to try them all at once. You’ll have to sit down and experiment if you want to create something – or rather someone – truly magical!

First you need to decide what kind your character will belong to. As you remember, horses in the cartoon are different – some are similar to those that can be seen on any farm, others proudly wear an enchanted horn on their foreheads that allows them to cast various spells, some flutter their wings and fly into the sky. And there are those in which both of these advantages are combined. After that, let’s get down to the design. You can completely customize the appearance of your hero or heroine. Their skin, mane and eyes can be of any color. By the way, young hairdressers will appreciate the many hairstyles available in the game. The shape of the eyes, lips, wings, hooves and so on can also be very different. Is it done? Now let’s grace our horse with suitable accessories! A fashionable blanket, a flower in the mane, sparkles on the wings… Look, what a beauty! Let’s try again?