Create Your Own Superhero


There are many amazing superheroes out there and all of them are different. They come with various super powers that help them fight villains and keep an eye on the city making sure the residents aren’t threatened by anything. Spider-Man and Captain America, Batman and X-Men – we all know them from comics books and movies. Everyone has their favorite superhero, but this game goes further and allows you to create one of your own! It’s way more exciting than just putting on the costume of Iron Man and flying over the city shooting off aliens. You can come up with unique looks for your character and make this brave young guy (or maybe girl) worthy of going down in history!


The game editor allows you to customize almost every aspect of your superhero’s appearance. You can choose their body type, add more muscle or, on the contrary, make them slim and agile. You can determine their race, hair color and style, the shape of their eyes, nose and mouth. Even at this stage, your character will already look unique and peculiar. Now the most interesting part – coming up with the costume! After all, that’s the very thing that instantly tells us who just prevented a robbery or saved us from a fire. Have fun and create as many superheroes as you want!